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Sales Network

ELLAGRET S.A. has a national sales and distribution network, covering this way all the regions in Greece. The human resources available for the company’s sales consist of specialized scientists - agriculturists with a significant experience in plant protection and crop nutrition.

A main concern of our company is the creation of a customer-focused culture through the systematic, high-quality service of our customers, the immediate and valid information regarding our products, so much before as after the sale and the development of long-term relationships and mutual trust with our customers.

Δίκτυο Πωλήσεων

Central Greece

Gkagkoulis Fotis

Sales Management

Central Greece
Τηλ.: 6944 260578
Email: gagf@ellagret.gr

Central Macedonia

Dimitriadis Antonis

Central Macedonia
Tel.: 6945 461059
Email: adimitriadis@ellagret.gr

Eastern Macedonia, Thrace

Ioannidis Symeon

Eastern Macedonia, Trace
Tel.: 6945 461057
Email: sioannidis@ellagret.gr

Attica, Aegean Islands

Karabelas Giorgos

Attica, Aegean Islands
Tel.: 6944 269922
Email: george.karabelas@ellagret.gr

Thessaloniki, W. Macedonia

Kouveletsos Athanasios

Thessaloniki, W. Macedonia
Tel.: 6945 461056
Email: akouveletsos@ellagret.gr


Kipriotakis Nikolaos

Tel.: 6944 599988
Email: nkipriotakis@ellagret.gr

West Peloponnese

Liadis Panagiotis

West Peloponnese
Tel.: 6944 671633
Email: pliadis@ellagret.gr

Eastern Peloponnese, Epirus, Aitoloakarnania, Ionian Islands

Plakogiannis Konstantinos

Eastern Peloponnese, Epirus,
Aitoloakarnania, Ionian Islands
Tel.: 6944 261058
Email: kplakogiannis@ellagret.gr


Poultsidis Christos

Rel.: 6949 075605
Email: cpoultsidis@ellagret.gr

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