The final products can be:

  1. Liquid.
  2. Granular.
  3. Dust.


In our installations in Mandra - Attica, we have the capability of packaging the following types of products: 

  • Dust Insecticides.
  • Liquid Insecticides.
  • Granular Insecticides.
  • Dust Fungicides.
  • Dust Herbicides.
  • Liquid Herbicides (including Hormonal ones), in a separate packaging line for the avoidance of cross contamination.
  • Fumigants.
  • Biocides (Public Health Products, Rodenticides).
  • Various other products (Disinfectants, Surfactants, Growth Regulators).
  • Plant Nutrition Products - Bio-Stimulants - Liquid fertilizers.


The capacities of packaging machines are the following: 

  • Very low weight error (
  • Automatic supply and packing.
  • Automatic message printing (Expiration date, Production date, Lot Number).
  • Easy to Operate (with 1 button).
  • Ability to use printed or non printed tape.
  • They are air-tight closed and equipped with an independent source of ventilation.
  • Ability to produce formulations that cover the whole size range (per package unit) which circulates in the market. The maximum packaging capacity for the departments of liquids, dust and granular rises up to 30 tons/ day for each kind and it regards the capacity of one shift only.

Throughout the whole line of the equipment utilisation, there is a closed ventilation system which leads to the central system of the department and after that to a scrubber of alkaline solution for the neutralization and an active carbon filter for the retention of odours. In the case of dust, there is an automated system of retention in filter bags.