Based on historic data about similar installations, the possibility of an accident occurrence during the operation of the units or during the storage of the raw materials and the final products is well known. Despite the fact that, during the many years of operation of our installations there has never been caused an accident, it is demonstrated from the approved safety study (1997) that the consequences of a possible accident are restricted within the area of the installation and they don’t affect the environment or the surrounding human settlements. It is noted that in the factory there is no storage of gazes (which are more sensitive to the alterations of the conditions), nor chemical reactions are taking place, besides only the physical procedures in atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure.

We consider, though, self-evident that our company is subject to the provisions of the relevant European legislation for safety (Directive SEVESO II) and the corresponding National legislation. In the frame of the above effort, large investments took place and a modern storage area of 1000 sq. m. was built, in accordance with all the safety prerequisites determined by the SEVESO II Directive and the valid international organization FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization). This area provides the capacity of storing up to 1.000 tons and is equipped with an automated smoke and flame detection system and a paging system. Furthermore, the section where the flammable products are being stored is additionally supported by an automatic fire-extinguishing system with carbon dioxide. It is also noted that the company has installed at all levels of production process, mechanical equipment of anti-explosive type, while most of the operations have been automated in order to restrict the possibility of a human error.

Finally, the company takes care of the proper maintenance of the fire-extinguishing and fire-protection means, of the personnel’s training, of the installation’s security with a guard and patrols and of file-keeping regarding safe use of handled substances (MSDS).