The company ELLAGRET S.A., paying great interest on the quality control of the products it manages, has proceeded in the year 1997 to the design and the construction of a new chemical laboratory, and to its complete equipment with the necessary instruments-auxiliary devices that satisfy the relevant specifications of laboratory equipment according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The equipment of the laboratory was carried out through the co-financing of the European program RETEX.
The control of the physicochemical properties and the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the formulated products are done in our laboratory according to the scientific methods of CIPAC and AOAC, in the way that are stated by the relevant FAO specifications about formulation. 
Our future goal is the accreditation of our laboratory with the title of Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.) at the above sections.
An important section is also the quality control of the product package quality and the research regarding the compatibility of package materials. For this purpose, the test of accelerated ageing takes place, through which we test the alteration of the parameters which corresponds in a real time of two-year storing.
For the achievement of the quality control, our laboratory owns the following equipment: 
  • Complete Gas Chromatography System GC (Hewlett-Packard HP 5890 series II).
  • Complete Gas Chromatography System GC (Hewlett-Packard HP 6890 series).
  • Liquid Chromatography HPLC (Hewlett-Packard HP 1100). It includes the Gradient 4 solvents pump, automated sampler of 100 samples, columns Thermostat, Diode Array detectors and Software HP Chemstation for the control of the HPLC and the collection of the results via the same PC / printer which also controls the GC 6890.
  • UNICAM Model Helios Alpha Spectrophotometer, as well as all the necessary main and auxiliary devices for the determination of the physicochemical properties of the formulated products and the preparation of the samples.


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