In order to carry out the factory’s production process and also to achieve the best possible protection of the environment, the use of proper mechanical equipment that fulfills specific requirements of quality is necessary. It is noted that the available equipment is being used for the following procedures: 

  • Premix,
  • Mixture,
  • Enrichment,
  • Minimization of size (grinding),
  • Packaging,
  • Material transfer,
  • Storage,
  • Waste Processing and Retention.

For the proper operation and maintenance of the equipment, there is qualified technical personnel (an electrician and a machinist) available, as well as a fully equipped workshop in which an adequate stock of all spare parts of the engines is being kept, in order to avoid any unexpected blocking and delays of the production process. For the transfer of the materials within the installations, six lifting machines (forklifts) are being used, among which three diesel-powered and three electro-powered, in which a special lifting machine is also included for the new Safety warehouse. This lifting machine is of special type (ridge truck); it has a useful lifting capacity of 6 meters and the ability to move in narrow corridors.