ELLAGRET S.A., having as a basic criterion the compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements that govern its operation and products, as well as the satisfaction of its customers, regards quality as a basic prerequisite for the achievement of its corporate goals. 

The quality approach is a continuous and strictly defined procedure that ensures the constant presence of the company in the area where it is activated. A basic motivation for us is the desire to improve the business internal operation system, through the continuous improvement of the applied procedures and processes, as well as the acquisition of the necessary expertise in order to carry out effectively our operations and meet our customer’s needs.

In the frame of our interest in continuous improvement and our customer-oriented culture, the company’s top management sets quality goals, does provide the technical, financial and human resources required for the achievement of these goals, monitors the progress of their achievement and readjusts these goals when necessary.

Our company’s priorities include: 

  • The constant effort for the provision of a complete series of modern products which are being produced under strict quality standards and cover completely the needs of the Hellenic producer, provide him with complete solutions of plant protection and fertilization. 
  • The development and consolidation of strong cooperation bonds with our customers and suppliers.
  • The constant following and application of the legislative and regulatory demands.
  • Our constant and systematic information concerning the developments in the sector in which we operate.