Taking into consideration the modern demands of enterprises and the continuously increasing needs of our customers - partners, ELLAGRET S.A. has proceeded to the establishment and application of the most modern barcode-based marking technologies of its products. The adoption of this technology assures the validity, the safety and the international recognition and traceability of our products, enabling us to provide the best possible service for our customers. Furthermore, the barcode system certification from the GS1 Greece, assures the uniqueness of the barcode in order to respond to the international standards. 

Our customers - partners have now the chance to exploit the international barcode coding system of our products, in order to improve all the processes that take place in the frame of their supply chain, increasing this way the speed and performance of all parts and links involved and the productivity of the human resources that they use.  

Finally, the company owns a special software for the management of stock which makes possible the on-line communication (between central offices and warehouse) for the execution of orders.