ELLAGRET S.A., under the principles of  sustainable business operation, regarding as of primary importance the protection of the environment where it is being activated, the pollution prevention, the effort for continuous improvement of its environmental performance and the constant conformity with the current environmental legislation, has proceeded to the establishment and certification, by the recognized Q-CERT Certification Body, of an Environmental Management System, based on the International Standard ISO 14001:2004, for the formulation, package, storage and distribution of plant protection products and fertilizers. 


Our Environmental Policy

Our company’s environmental policy has as primary target the minimizing of the impacts of its activities on the environment. Our constant concern is:

  • Minimizing of the waste we produce. 
  • Minimizing of energy and natural resources consumption.
  • Minimizing of harmful emissions.
  • Constant conformity with the with the current environmental legislation. 
  • The use of equipment and means of new - environmentally friendly technology, wherever this is possible. 
  • The promotion and adoption of recycling practices. 


For the achievement of the above, ELLAGRET S.A. company: 

  • Has adopted an Environmental Management System, based on the International Standard ISO 14001:2004, which applies to all environmental parameters of the company. The Environmental Management System is being monitored, maintained and improved through inspection, evaluation and review programs. 
  • Provides enough resources for good environmental management: expertise, proper equipment, capable and properly trained personnel.
  • Establishes environmental objectives and measurable targets, the implementation of which is being revised and reevaluated in regular intervals. In parallel to this, it performs systematic measures and the critical parameters and processes are being evaluated, in order to eliminate or decrease the negative environmental impacts which result from the company’s activities. 


The continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and the applied Environmental Management System as well as the conformity with the current environmental legislation, are a commitment of the company’s top management and are based on the active participation and support of all employees working in it.