In our company’s installations in Mandra of Attica, during the production process, a mixing of the active with inert ingredients and auxiliary and packaging materials takes place. This means that, only physical procedures take place without any chemical reactions involved, whereas by-products do not exist either.

However, various wastes are being produced which may be distinguished in gas, liquids and solids. Their management is done according to the national and international legislation that determines waste processing and disposal, as it is being described analytically in the approved environmental terms. 


The company owns the following equipment for the protection of the environment: 

1. Liquid waste processing

  • SENTINEL process unit with waste mixer. 
  • Waste suction pump.

2. Dust Retention

  • Extraction systems
  • Four filter bags.

3. Odour Retention

  • Extraction Systems.
  • Scrubbers with alkaline solution.
  • Active carbon filters.