1. Many years of experience (since 1961) with technical and scientific personnel of high expertise
    Our experience of many years in the sector and the company’s technical, scientific and administrative personnel of high expertise, are a guarantee for the provision of plant protection and plant nutrition products that fully cover the needs of the modern farmer.
  2. Provision of high-quality products with focus on satisfying our customer’s needs
    Focusing on the achievement of high-level satisfaction of its customers’ needs and the provision of plant protection and plant nutrition products of high standards, ELLAGRET S.A. has established and applies a certified Quality Management System, based on the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, for the Production-Formulation, Packaging, Storage and Distribution of fertilizers and plant protection products.
  3. National sales network
    ELLAGRET S.A. has a national sales and distribution network which consist of professional scientists - agriculturists with great expertise in the area of plant protection and crop nutrition.
  4. Co-operation with the largest companies in Greece and abroad
    ELLAGRET S.A. continuously develops national and international co-operation with the largest companies of the sector, aiming at the provision of a complete portfolio of plant protection and crop nutrition products.
  5. Provision of high-quality services with regard to formulation, packaging, storage of plant protection products and fertilizers for third parties
    Our many year accumulated experience (since 1961) in the fields of formulation, packaging, storage and distribution, of plant protection and crop nutrition - fertilization products’ raw materials and finished products as well as the establishment and application of certified Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, make ELLAGRET S.A. one of the most competitive and reliable partners of large companies of the sector, that trust us for the provision of high quality services of formulation, packaging and storage of plant protection products and fertilizers.
  6. Large warehouses of high safety standards (according to SEVESO specifications)
    Total coverage of storage needs concerning both proprietary products and products for third parties.
  7. Capability of packaging all kinds of plant protection products
    1. Liquids (EC, SL, AS),
    2. Dusts (WP, D),
    3. Granular (G),
    4. Suspensions (F).
  8. Excellent quality control of:
    1. Formulation,
    2. Packaging.
  9. Waste Management and implementation of certified Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)
    1. Processing / management of liquid waste,
    2. Dust retention,
    3. Odour retention,
    4. Cleaning and destruction or recycle of empty packaging materials.
  10. Geographical Position: Significant reduction of supply chain (Logistics) cost
    1. Easy access,
    2. Nodal point,
    3. Neighboring with ports, railway axis, big - central road arteries.