ELLAGRET S.A. was founded in 1961 as a General Partnership, by Mr. Agisilaos Papadopoulos. The company started the trading of plant protection products nationally, with as its main rule motto the quality and customer service. For this purpose, the first warehouse of the company was built at the location Mandra of Attica.

In 1974 it converts to S.A. and immediately after that it proceeds to important investments in permanent installations and equipment, with the aim of servicing the increasing needs of formulation, packaging and storage of both raw materials and final products.

Its developing course is ensured, since in the following years its commercial activity is developing fast, while at the same time it concludes cooperation with important companies of the sector with regard to formulation, packaging, storage and distribution of plant protection products.

At the end of 90's, the company invests in the construction of new warehouses, specially designed to conform to the legislation concerning the storage and transport of chemical products (SEVESO Directive) and also on a fully equipped laboratory of quality control, thus ensuring that its products meet the international FAO specifications.

The first decade of 2000 finds us at the first places among the pure Hellenic companies, with important trading cooperation with big domestic and international companies of the sector of plant protection and crop nutrition products, with new targets and the implementation of new business plans and investments, in an agriculture that continuously evolves and in a new legislative frame which governs the management and registration of the plant protection products.

Already since 2007, the company has established and implements a certified, by a recognized Certification Body, Quality Management System, based on the demands of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, for the formulation, packaging, storage and distribution of plant protection products and fertilizers and an Environmental Management System, based on the International Standard ISO 14001:2004. At the same time, the company, taking into consideration the modern businesses environment and the continuously increasing needs of its customers-partners, has installed and operates modern traceability system, via the Barcode detection, aiming at the correct management of its products. The adoption of this technology ensures the validity, the safety and the traceability of our products. Hence, our customers - partners are given the opportunity to exploit the international coding system with barcode of the products of our company, in order to improve all the processes that take place in the frame of their supply chain, increasing by this way the performance of all the evolving parts and links and the productivity of the human resources that they own.

In ELLAGRET we consider that in this effort that we make, an important aid comes from our scientific, administrative and working personnel that has offered and still offers the maximum in the daily operation and implementation of the corporate targets, as well as from our partners who are the acceptors of this effort, all over Greece.

Under the principle of sustainable development of the Hellenic agriculture, with continuously increasing demands in modern – high specification products of plant protection and nutrition, we change; we remain faithful though to the philosophy of our founder:

Quality, Customer Service, Competitiveness, Respect for the Environment.